My daughter threw up tonight. Threw up more than I’ve ever seen before. Like, if I caught it all in a measuring cup, it would’ve filled 1 cup. 

I called my husband. And called the pediatrician and then it all calmed down. I was calm the entire time (proud of myself). Worried but calm.  She was uncomfortable for all of it, then drained so she fell asleep. I felt so bad for my baby. 

I’m montitoring her like a hawk on the baby monitor (1) to make sure she’s breathing and (2) make sure she doesn’t start throwing up in her sleep. I was afraid to put her to sleep, actually.

It wasn’t a great feeling and I’m glad it’s over. It was a drain on my energy, now I will go to sleep (hopefully). 
PS: as I approach 100 days, I am increasingly proud of myself for making it this far.