I didn’t feel good this morning. 
The last 7 days were filled with family, food, love, abundance, laughter and all the yum yum goodness I love. My heart was full. And I had people there to watch my daughter while I slept in – but that’s not the point here
Today I woke up to a mostly empty home. A stark difference from my last week. I miss everyone. 

Today feels like walking off one of those airport walking vertical escalator things. 

To make myself feel better I made a list of things I can do to make myself feel better. I think this can be used for the “winter blues” or similar situations.
– be around people

– exercise

– meditate

– eat healthily 

– drink tons of water

– dance, move, play, yoga

– laugh

– say/write what I’m grateful for

So far, I’ve done all but one of these and it’s helped tremendously already. 

Sharing this could be added to the list too. These things shouldn’t happen in silos.