It’s Thanksgiving today.

I’m grateful for so much. But I’d like to open my heart to the people who may have a hard time during the holidays. 

It’s not easy for a lot of people. People who have lost loved ones. People who are homeless but grew up with holiday family traditions, foster children who dream about a holiday with a loving family, women in shelters, men and boys in jail/prison, rich people who feel empty inside despite their “riches,” families who have to spend this day in the hospital with a loved one, or even people in a hospital with no one to share this day with, the elderly who may not have any living relatives or friends, military families…

May we all dig deep to find something to be grateful for and cherish it. Even if it’s just the air we breathe. We have life. We have purpose. We’re still here. Let’s live to our best potential in every moment- because that’s all we have. 

Remember to love.